5 Foods you thought were healthy

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Grilled chicken, leafy spinach, fresh blueberries are obviously some healthy food choices. However, there are some food items that come with a “healthy” halo even though they may be high in fat, calories and carbohydrates. That’s true, there are a number of so-called “healthy foods” that are not so nutritious. Moreover, to lose fat and build muscles, more than 90% of what you eat should consist of unprocessed whole foods. Here are 5 foods that are labeled as healthy but in reality they are not.

Cereal: Cereals being one of the most processed foods are also the unhealthiest foods. Moreover, cereals lack in fiber, are devoid of proteins and are loaded with refined carbohydrates. This means, when you eat cereal for breakfast, it elevates your insulin levels and at the same time it is also less satiating. Cereals also come with high concentration of acrylamide that causes cancer. Moreover, cereals when heated during preparation release toxins.

In case you cannot do without cereals, make sure you have the ones that are less-refined and contain more natural ingredients. In all cases, a breakfast that is rich in lean satiating proteins and contains high-fiber phytonutrients will definitely benefit your health.

Artificial Sweeteners: There are several researchers that show that artificial sweeteners are alien to human body and they also makes one feel hungrier later during the day. Moreover, several studies have been conducted to show that artificial sweeteners are linked to cancer in both humans as well as that of animals.

Pasteurized Milk: Pasteurization of milk has always been recommended as it is one of the ways of slowing down the microbial growth. Pasteurization is essentially the process in which milk is heated to a specific temperature and for a definite length of time after which, it is cooled down immediately. The process retards bacterial and microbial growth. However, the process of pasteurization leads to destruction of important nutrients that are present in milk such as iodine.

Fruit Juices & Sodas: A lot of us like fruit juices as they not only quench our thirst, they also taste great. However, fruit juices are loaded with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which unfortunately wreck havoc in body and shoots up the insulin levels immediately. It directly hits your bloodstream and leads to fat storage and body

The diet sodas available almost everywhere these days are loaded with AGEs (advanced glycosylated end) products. Sodas also contain toxic sweetness and potassium benzoate as preservative. Potassium benzoate gets broken down into benzene which is a carcinogen and leads to cancer.

Soy: Soy, that comes with high level of manganese, in reality, was a food that was not meant to be consumed by humans. Soy acts as thyroid disruptor, especially for those who have low thyroid function. Soy also has phytates which disrupts absorption of healthy nutrients. Chronic consumption of soy may also lead to estrogen related disorders. However, moderate consumption of Soy is considered to be healthy. Make sure you do not have mega doses of soy milk, soy sausage, soy chips and soy ice cream.


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