Adding nuts to your diet

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Nuts, also known as the nutritional powerhouses, offer numerous health benefits. Ask Paleo dieters and they will be able to tell you how nuts bestow a not-so-guilty satisfaction. Nuts have abundant amounts of good fats and they are also rich in fiber and protein. Moreover, nuts are low in carbohydrates and even those on a strict low-carb plan can indulge in nuts and enjoy these functional foods. Below are some more reasons of why you should add nuts to your diet:

  • Nuts are rich sources of essential (omega-3) fatty acids.
  • Nuts provide the needed dietary fiber
  • Controls glucose and cholesterol levels in your bloodstream
  • Helps in preventing heart diseases

Which Nuts Are The Best

Almonds: Almonds are good sources of magnesium, copper, manganese, riboflavin, selenium and vitamin E. Almonds are known for improving memory, anemia and constipation. It is also effective in reducing cholesterol and they help the body in stimulating the ‘feel good’ hormone called serotonin. Almonds are extremely good for those who often suffer from anxiety and depression.

Macadamia nuts: It is very low in PUFA which makes it ideal for Paleo dieters. It is also a good source of copper, thiamine and manganese. Because Macadamia nuts are low in anti-nutrients such as phytic acid, they can be consumed in high amounts also.

Walnuts: It is the perfect choice for all those who are looking for a low-carb nut. Although almonds also fall into the category of low-carb nuts, but walnuts are 1 step-up over almonds in a way that it is an extremely rich source of omega 3 fatty acids.

Chestnuts: Low in PUFA and phytic acid, chestnuts are a great choice for paleo dieters. In fact, you can roast them, even at high temperatures without any problem. Chestnuts are a good source of vitamin B6, cooper, manganese, and vitamin C.

Hazelnut: There is no doubt that hazelnuts have high amount of fat content but these nuts contain zero cholesterol. Hazelnuts are also a rich source of vitamin E and Folate.

Pine Nuts: Rich in Vitamin A, pine nuts help in strengthening our immune system. It also has good amount of vitamin C and vitamin D.

Smart Ways To Add Nuts To Your Diet

Salads: You can topple a fresh salad with different type of nuts such as hazelnut, walnuts and pecans. Make sure your salad has a lot of fresh ingredients such as tomatoes, spinach etc. Also ensure that you use only unsalted nuts.

Baked Chicken: Chicken does not only offer a lot of protein, it is also very filling and a low-cholesterol food. It is better if you use enriched omega 3 variety of chicken. You simply need to bake skinless chicken with variety of herbs such as garlic, oregano etc and top the baked chicken with thinly-sliced almonds or other nut varieties.

Smoothies: Smoothies make perfect breakfast. All you require to do is blend fresh fruits and vegetables such as oranges, spinach, apple, carrots etc. in a blender. Simply add some almond or walnut pieces in the Smoothie. You may blend the entire mixture again.




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