Alcohol and Paleo Diet

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Those on Paleo Diet often enjoy indulging in alcohol, but there are many who wonder if Alcohol is “Paleo” or not. If one looks in the real sense, it is obvious that our paleolithic ancestors did not consume alcohol, but the real question is, with so many good, bad and ugly effects, should alcohol be completely eliminated from our diet?

What actually is Alcohol?

According to medical dictionary, Alcohol is an organic chemical and it includes ethanol or ethyl alcohol. It is a colorless and inflammable liquid that is generally a product of starch or sugar fermentation. Alcohol is also a psychoactive drug that has strong inability to alter the behavior and attitude of a person, especially those who are addicted to it.

Alcohol and Paleo Diet

Almost all of us know that consumable alcohol is available in form of beers, wines and spirits. While beers and wine are direct derivatives of starch or sugar fermentation, generally from fruits such as grapes and grains such as barley, spirits are products that are derived after distillation of the fermented product. The distillation process is performed to eliminate any proteins or residues from the fermented product in order to make it completely gluten-free.

Although quite sporadically, but unknowingly our paleolithic ancestors have consumed atleast a little alcohol by eating those fruits that had already started to ferment. This also suggests that wine is possibly the closest form of alcohol that human bodies in this age also are used to deal with.

Benefits Of Drinking Alcohol

Although alcohol is a very common recreational drug but a lot of people are unable to distinguish between the good and bad effects of alcohol. In fact a lot of people think whether or not drinking alcohol offers any benefit? The answer is simple. Drinking alcohol offers a lot of benefit but only if it is consumed in moderation. There have been many studies and a number of scientific reviews that suggest that those who have alcohol in moderation have a stable heart condition and it also lowers the risk of cancer. Here are some more benefits of alcohol when it is consumed in moderation.

  • Alcohol is an excellent relaxant.
  • Alcohol lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Alcohol improves insulin sensitivity
  • Alcohol also reduces risk of ulcers and infections
  • Alcohol thins blood and therefore it is great for those who are at risk and for atherosclerosis.

Demerits of alcohol consumption

  • Alcohol is a hepatotoxin, excess of which can toxicate the liver and cause damage. Some of the other dangers of alcohol are listed below.
  • Alcohol causes loss of coordination, inhibitions and fine motor skills.
  • Alcohol is highly addictive, which leads to many behavioral and social problems.
  • Alcohol also causes electrolyte imbalances.


Drinking Alcohol is particularly damaging when it is consumed with oily and fatty food. Because Paleo diet pills in low polyunsaturated fat diet, consuming alcohol along with it in moderation will not have any harmful effects.




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