Books: Wheat Belly

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Though most abundant, Wheat is one of the most problematic foods. Moreover, its intake significantly impacts the fat deposits in body, particularly around the stomach. There are a lot of people who consume wheat and other refined carbohydrates to meet their nutritional requirements but for many wheat is the reason behind fungal or bacterial dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies and a number of other health problems. Dr. William Davis, a renowned cardiologist explains in his book “Wheat Belly” how limitation of wheat from our diets can help us transform ourselves by shrinking unsightly bulges, preventing fat storage and reversing myriad health problems.

Book: Wheat Belly

In this book, Dr. William Davis takes readers through a journey that introduces readers to wheat as an ancient grain and how in current scenario it has changed to omnipresent and heritably modified franken-food.

In America, more in 200 million people consume wheat products on daily basis. It is because of this reason; a majority of Americans experience its ill effects including rashes, unattractive stomach and a number of food allergies as well. Dr. William Davis explains that the excess fat or body has nothing to do with sloth, gluttony or too much butter. It is essentially the whole grain wraps that majority of Americans eat for lunch.

Dr. William Davis witnessed more than 2000 patients restore and regain their heath after they gave up wheat. Dr. Davis researched further and came to a conclusion that wheat is the major cause behind nationwide obesity epidemic and it is only by eliminating this problematic grain from diet, people can realize optimal health and dramatic weight loss

In “Wheat Belly,” Dr. Davis exposes the detrimental and ill effects of consuming wheat, at the same time providing readers a rescue. Dr. Davis also reveals an easy-to-follow, step-by-step diet plan that readers can follow to ward off the health and problems and carry-on with a wheat-free lifestyle. The book also comes with a number of case studies of those men and women who have changed their life and completely transformed themselves, both look wise and health wise after eliminating wheat from their diet. The action plan mentioned in the book has worked for hundreds of Americans and so it can work for you.

The Wheat Belly diet

Foods You Need To Eliminate: According to Dr. Davis, you must eliminate all wheat-based products including breakfast cereals, noodles, breads, pasta, pancakes, waffles, bagels, muffins, donuts, crackers and pretzels,. You must also refrain from oat products (including oat bran and oatmeal), cornstarch-based products, candies and sugary soft drinks.

The ‘Never-Have’ food list: Dr. Davis recommends complete elimination of fried foods (including hot dogs, bacon, sausages), foods containing corn syrup, rice, potato products.

Foods You Can Have Unlimitedly: You can have as many vegetables as you want to have except potatoes. The list includes raw nuts, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, pumpkin, coffee, teas, water, and a number of other food items.

Food That Should be Taken in Limit: Fruits like berries, apples, peaches, banana. Dairy products should also be taken in limit.


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