How to stick to a Paleo Diet

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Weight loss doesn’t always come easy on a Paleolithic diet. For many, it is challenging to stick to a Paleo diet. In fact, there are a number of people who are interested in Paleo diet just because they’ve heard that it can help in losing weight quickly and burn fat without worrying how much calories are being eaten. There is no doubt that Paleo diet offers promising results but the Paleo diet food list is quite different from what other diet food lists offer. Because of this reason, those on the patio diet need to practice a lot of persistence and planning in order to reach a healthy weight or realize the desired results.

Paleo Diet Understanding

Paleo diet which is also called the Caveman Diet or the Hunter Gatherer diet advocates eating of only those foods that people from Stone Age used to eat, especially the ones that were available in nature during the hunter gatherer. The diet involves eliminating unhealthy carbohydrates, sugar and processed food from the diet.

The best way of making this diet work is by sticking to all-natural foods such as nuts, fresh fruits, meet, seeds, fresh vegetables etc. It is obvious that there aren’t many choices but it is advisable for you to find out the list of food items that are permitted in Paleo diet and stick to them. Reindeer, wild boar, rabbit, bison, goose, salmon, wild turkey, fatty fish, mussels, herring, crab, coconut flesh, root vegetables and leafy vegetables are permitted in Paleo diet. Spices and natural flavor enhancers are also permitted in this diet.

Tips for Sticking with the Paleo Diet

Here is what you can do to stick to the Paleo diet.

Eat a variety of foods: Though processed foods, grains and dairy products are not allowed in Paleo diet, still it is one of the most liberal diet programs and there are dozens of different food items that can eat. Moreover, there are no restrictions on high-protein meals. You can enjoy as many paleo items you want, without thinking about calories.

Overcome emotional eating: there are a number of people who start eating unhealthy and high-carbohydrate foods when they are emotionally down, just in order to feel better. Such people need to practice to stop eating when they feel lonely, sad, anxious or depressed. A better way to deal with the situation is to focus on eating only when you feel hungry.

Have a Satiating Meal: one great advantage of following Paleo diet is that you can eat till the time you feel satisfied, there are no restrictions and there is no need of starving. So make sure you eat till the time you feel completely satisfied and inculcate different food options in your meal.

Say No To Salt: Salt does not only leads to high blood pressure and other health problems; salt also causes water retention in body. Flavor your food with herbs and spices instead.

Learn Paleo Recipes: One of the great ways of sticking with Paleo diet is by learning delicious Paleo recipes. There are plenty of them you can find online and most of them are easy to cook.



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