Paleo Breakfast Ideas

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Designed to mimic the way primitive man used to eat, the Paleo diet is also known as the evolutionary diet, the caveman diet, the Paleolithic diet and the Stone Age diet. Paleo diet suggests consuming natural, unprocessed foods. The reason behind this is that certain diseases such as diabetes, cancer, acne and obesity are known to be caused by consuming foods that have not been adapted genetically by our bodies to eat. The Paleo diet has been around for decades and a number of dieticians and doctors have written books on the diet, praising the effects the diet bestows.

Why Paleo Diet

The premise of Paleo diet is that our ancestors were hunted-gatherers and used to eat a diet that was generally composed of vegetables, meat, nuts and fruits. Grains or starches were not an element of their diet. If man is able to cut out the food items that were unavailable during the Stone Age, he can gain energy, strength and get respite from a number of illnesses. These illnesses are known as syndrome X illnesses and include Diabetes Type 2, blood clotting, gout, obesity, heart diseases and Dyslipidemia.

Paleo Breakfast

The best way to go about eating a Paleo diet is eating simply and avoiding foods that contain legumes, grains, soy, salt, dairy, processed sugar, yeast and starchy vegetables such as yams or potatoes. Most vegetables and fruits are acceptable on this diet. Paleo dieters can also eat nuts, eggs, meat and nut flours. All you need to do while making Paleo breakfast is follow the guidelines and add a little creativity


Surprised! Why not? Normal pancakes are made using milk and flour but Paleo dieters can replace the white flour with almond flour and regular milk with coconut milk. Take approximately a cup of almond flour and mix it with a quarter cup of coconut milk. Add one egg and some blueberries in the batter. We need to put this batter over a hot skillet and keep flipping the pancakes when you were able to see small bubbles on the batter.

Eggs, Steak or Bacon

Bacon, eggs or steak are acceptable on Paleo diet and can be enjoyed for breakfast. You can prepare an omelet containing mushrooms, spinach and onions and top it with sliced avocado and fresh salsa. You can serve this omelet alongside cooked sausage or bacon.

Crustless Quiche

This dish is great for those who have busy mornings and would like prepare something that can be kept in the refrigerator for up to five days. You need to heat a tablespoon of olive oil and then add half onion, chopped and chopped red bell pepper in it. You need to cook the onions till they are translucent and then add a little spinach puree. Cook till the spinach has thickened. Now beat 5 to 6 eggs in the large bowl and add it to cooked vegetables. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cook till the eggs are set.


Combine coconut or almond milk with ice cubes or frozen berries and grind in a blender. You may also add cashew butter or some other nut butter. It will not only increase the protein content of smoothie, it’ll also enhance its flavor.



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