Staying Paleo while Traveling

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Staying Paleo while traveling is something most people find hard to follow. In fact, for most of us, cooking a healthy meal at home is an enjoyable and comfortable experience. But what happens the moment you step out of your cave’s comfort, whether it is business or pleasure? Most of us get lured by the big macs, chocolate donuts and french fries and end up eating junk or non-healthy food. After all, it is extremely difficult to control our taste buds when we are away from home, especially when ‘junk’ is all around. However, there are ways and strategies that you can adopt if you do not want to compromise on your health and stay paleo even when you are traveling. Here are few tips:

Pack Your Snacks

Sounds boring! But it really helps. In fact, your preparation is the key. People, almost all of us, start our trips early morning. Kids love munching in the car. Moreover, you can keep your kids and yourself busy for a while eating raisins, fresh fruits, nuts, cheese sticks etc. before you get down to some fast food joint for breakfast. Another advantage that you will get out of packing snacks is that you will not have to get down frequently at restaurants or burger shops with your kids frequently.

Choose your restaurants very carefully

When you are out for vacations or business, you cannot eventually escape eating in a restaurant. What you can definitely do is choose your restaurant very careful manner. Do not choose to eat at a fast-food corner; rather visit a sit-down restaurant so that you can enjoy larger menu options. Choosing a sit down restaurant will also help you customize your meal. Try Cracker Barrel, it is an excellent choice for breakfast and they offer low carb meals. There are many other restaurants that serve different salads. All you need to do is make sure that your order includes paleo stuff such as chicken, steaks, shrimp etc.

Cook Yourself

Sounds strange! But you can easily cook for yourself and stay on Paleo if you choose a hotel that offers kitchen with its rooms. It is always better you book a hotel in advance. Look for different options and offers available on the internet and make an online booking in advance.

Stay Hydrated

This is one of the most important aspects of staying Paleo while traveling. Make sure that you drink enough water while traveling. This will also not only help you stay hydrated, you will be able to reduce your craving to eat. Drinking optimum water will also make you feel full and keep you off the grazing throughout the day. Try coconut water.

Make an Itinerary

When you have an itinerary or things to do list with yourself, you can plan in advance and schedule yourself. This will not only save your time and help you get the most out of your holidays, you can find some time to visit local fruit and veggies shop and get some fresh produce for yourself. This way you will have control over what you are eating.



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