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If you have been finding out ways to stay young and lose fat while avoiding diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease and a host of other diseases, the best course of action would be switching to the paleo diet.

The Paleo diet, also called the caveman diet or the hunter gather diet and it is nothing new under the sun. The diet is based on the premise that the primitive man did not have access to processed food and he depended solely on whatever was available in nature to satisfy his hunger. In current times, diet generally consists of processed on genetically modified food. This is the cause of behind caloric intake and the related diseases.

According to Paleo diet advocates, eating the way primitive man or our ancestors from the Stone Age use to eat will keep us away from a number of the degenerative diseases. Although most of us know what affects can Paleo diet bestow on us but still there aren’t many who are successfully able to follow the Paleo diet. If you are also in the same list, try The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. The book incorporates cutting edge research from biochemistry, anthropology and genetics.

About The Author

Robb Wolf, a biochemist is the man behind The Paleo Solution. Robb Wolf is one of the most sought after health coaches all around the world. He is known for his unique perspective as coach and scientist. His book is one of the simplest and easiest ways of dealing with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Robb Wolf claims that the book will help you radically change your health and appearance for good.

About The Book

Unlike other dry and boring textbooks, the Paleo solution is filled with excitement and easy to follow paleo tips. Almost all facts are supported by scientific reasons.

Many readers have reported that the book is highly entertaining and will be able to convince just about anyone to follow the Paleo diet. The book explains biological functions and how the food affects our body. The author has also explained the process of digestion, bodily functions and enzyme functions. The book also explains the way diet works and how it is actually possible to feel, look and perform better.

The Paleo Solution plan

The diet plan offered in the Paleo solution is very, very simple. According to Robb Wolf’s diet plan, you can:

  • eat vegetables with every meal
  • have lean meats with every meal
  • Have good fats each time you eat.
  • Stay away from legumes, grains or dairy

Although these are the simplified steps, Rob wolf’s plan asks you stay strictly Paleo for a month and then reevaluate to find out how you feel, look and perform. Robb Wolf also suggests working out. However, he does not want you to get into a heavy exercise routine. You can try simple workouts and stay paleo.

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